Esme Winikus was a theatrical, upper-class dancer and the love interest of Alfred Pennyworth.

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In Pilot, Esme is working as a dancer at a downtown club in London, when she meets Alfred Pennyworth. Forwardly, Alfred asks Esme on a date the following day, to which she accepts and the two take a walk in the park the following day. Complications arise, however, when she is kidnapped by Bet Sykes, on behalf of the Raven Society — who have hopes of trading her with Thomas Wayne. Pennyworth is able to save Esme, and the two grow closer, engaging in a sexual relationship.

Pennyworth asks Esme to marry him in The Landlord's Daughter after a short time together, with Esme agreeing. The marriage, however, is complicated in Martha Kane, after Esme's father refuses to bless the marriage, threatening to disinherit Esme if the marriage was to occur; this leads to Pennyworth calling off the marriage and Esme handing back the ring. After consideration, however, Pennyworth rents an apartment for the two, winning Esme back and the two again plan to marry.

Esme's relationship with Pennyworth puts her in further danger in Lady Penelope, when she is strangled to death in her own home, having left Alfred's house to paint. Alfred himself finds her lying in a pool of her own blood.

It is further revealed that Esme was murdered by Captain John Curzon, Alfred's old army General, as a result of a personal vendetta from their army days in which Alfred embarrassed Curzon infront of his comrades. Alfred visits Esme in Sandie Shaw shortly after killing John for Esme's murder. Alfred recites the story of their first date but admits that things are looking up for him. He is arrested shortly after by Inspector Aziz for the killing of Curzon.

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Esme Winikus is described as a beautiful, theatrical and clever dancer with an upper-class flair. She is determined to succeed and has a skittish spirit. [2]

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