Dr. Frances Gaunt is a physician who assumes leadership of the Raven Society following Lord Harwoods forced removal by the UK government.

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Becoming the leader of the Raven Society[edit | edit source]

After Lord Harwood was brutally deposed by the UK government, many members of the Raven Society expressed their fear of a leaderless society. Amid these fears, Frances took the opportunity to rise through the ranks, assuming leadership of the society.

Gaunt's leadership is influential as the Raven Society increase their public presence. She meets with Julian and Undine Thwaite under the guise of peace, however the meeting is a set-up by Julian in an attempt to assassinate Gaunt and leave the Society in chaos. This plan is thwarted by Alfred Pennyworth who kills Julian, forcing Undine into leadership of the No Name League. Gaunt meets with Undine not long after to establish a level of peace between the Society and No Name League.

Resignation[edit | edit source]

When Lord Harwood returns, Gaunt is ecstatic, believing him to be the only worthy leader of the Society. She wishes to put Harwood in the public eye immediately, however Harwood opts to stay in the shadows for a little longer, advising Gaunt on her leadership of the Society.

When Harwood is ready to reveal himself to the public, Gaunt organises a rally and, in Sandie Shaw she announces her retirement from her position of leadership. She announces that Harwood will succeed her, returning to his original position. The audience is rejoiced at this notion, while Gaunt steps back into the shadows but remains as Harwood's closest advisor. She advises Harwood over the threat of Undine Thwaite but also does not agree with his plan to abduct the Queen and blackmail the government. She is later arrested along with Harwood, Bet and Peggy for her crimes and involvement.

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