Lord James 'Jimmy' Harwood is an upper-class Englishman and the leader of the Raven Society. He is one of the main characters of Pennyworth.

History[edit | edit source]

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Leader of the Raven Society[edit | edit source]

In Pilot, Lord Harwood is introduced as the leader of the Raven Society, an underground, elite group who wish to overthrow the UK government and establish a fascist state. Harwood tasks Bet Sykes with the responsibility of capturing Thomas Wayne, who undercovers their plans.

After their efforts to silence Wayne fall apart — thanks to Alfred Pennyworth — Harwood is arrested by the government and held hostage. He is further tortured in Martha Kane, to reveal the leader of the Raven Society. He first refuses to reveal the information, however is forced to reveal after being sent to "the barbers". For his crimes and involvement in the society, the ends of Harwood's feet and most of his nose are amputated.

Punishment[edit | edit source]

Harwood's punishment for his involvement in the Raven Society extend beyond the physical abuse he endures. He is stripped of his leadership of the Society, a position which Frances Gaunt fills, and is thrown onto the street, where he begs for a short period of time before being rescued by Bet Sykes. His rehabilitation is not short, however and he suffers with an inability to remember who he is and/or the situation around him. With the help of Bet and Peggy Sykes however, his memory returns and he once again wishes to fulfil his goal of overthrowing the government.

Second Plan[edit | edit source]

Harwood hatches a second plan to regain control of the Raven Society and overthrow the government. He is welcomed back as leader of the Society when Gaunt — ecstatic to see him return — announces her resignation as leader and names Harwood as her successor.

Back in power, Harwood begins to ramp up his efforts to oust the Prime Minister and the Queen. When the Prime Minister announces a general election in which the Society and No Name League are eligible to run — and with the threat of Undine's leadership hanging — Harwood offers the No Name League a truce and a proposition that they should work together to win seats in the election. This plan is short lived and thwarted by Alfred Pennyworth on behalf of the Crown. Fearing that he may never win, he contacts the Duke and Duchess of Windermere and brings them back to the UK, promising that they shall sit on the throne shortly. He orders Bet and Peggy kidnap the Queen, essentially blackmailing her into his demands or risk losing her throne. His plans are further thwarted by Alfred when he, Dave Boy and Bazza save the Queen and Harwood is locked up for his actions against the crown.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lord Harwood is described as an upper-class Englishman who is cultured, brilliant and mad, but sure of himself nonetheless.[1]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a prosthetic nose and leg.
  • The character has a number of commonalities with Oswald Moseley, Britain's most successful Fascist leader of the 20th century.

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