Martha Kane is an American photojournalist and a member of the No Name League who works for newly appointed Thomas Wayne. She carries out all of her assignments for the league in partner with Alfred Pennyworth, through Pennyworth Security.

History[edit | edit source]

Nothing much is known about Martha's history, other than at some point in her life she became a member of the No Name League. She later becomes Thomas Wayne's second.

Throughout Pennyworth Series[edit | edit source]

Working with Pennyworth[edit | edit source]

Martha first makes an appearance in Martha Kane when she meets with Alfred Pennyworth on the premise of a business deal with Pennyworth Security. Martha enquires about Alfred being a driver for her as she needs to transport a man, Ian Thurso, to a safe place given the warrant out for his arrest. Alfred agrees to work with her under the premise that she doesn't know Thomas Wayne.

Not long after Martha is forced to reveal that she works for the No Name League, a fact that shocks Alfred, who is of the opinion that they should surrender Ian to the Raven Society and save themselves. Martha admits that they cannot surrender to the Raven Society, leading to Pennyworth hatching a plan in return for a £10,000 reward.

Martha and Pennyworth work together again on numerous missions. They work together in Lady Penelope to uncover the name of the new leader of the Raven Society, which is eventually revealed to be Frances Gaunt. Both Martha and Pennyworth risk their lives on this mission as Gaunt wishes to make an example of the two to show the rest of the world that she is not weak. The two escape, however not long after.

Relationship with Thomas[edit | edit source]

Thomas becomes Martha's superior not long after she meets with Alfred. The two form an unlikely connection instantly through their work together as members of the No Name League, however Wayne struggles with having to hide the fact that he is working undercover as a member of the CIA. This strains the relationship between the two and Martha is shocked and horrified when this fact is revealed in Julie Christie. Martha eventually finds a way to forgive Thomas, admitting that it does not change anything between the two.

The relationship becomes more complex when Wayne reveals to Martha — who truly believes in the No Name League — that Undine Thwaite had her husband killed in order to gain power within the league. This is a disturbing notion for Martha and shatters the faith that she has both in the League and in Wayne. The two eventually grow back closer in Marianne Faithfull when Wayne admits that he has feelings for Martha, culminating in the two kissing and beginning an intimate relationship.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Alfred's landlord Sid Onslow refers to Martha as "that tasty Sherman", as in "Sherman Tank", a rhyming slang alternative for Yank.

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