Margaret "Peggy" Sykes is the matriarch of the Syke family and one of Lancashire's most successful Dominatrixes. She is the sister of Bet Sykes.

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Rescuing Bet[edit | edit source]

Following Bet Sykes' involvement with the Raven Society and her death sentencing, Peggy receives a goodbye letter from her sister. The letter prompts Peggy to intervene in the execution, rescuing and replacing Bet, unbeknownst to the executioner or the public in The Landlord's Daughter.

In Martha Kane, Peggy mocks Bet's fascination with Esme Winikus, whom Bet believes she has a relationship with. Peggy laughs at the idea of the two rekindling, promising Bet that the two are to go home together and stay out of trouble.

Working with the Society[edit | edit source]

When Lord Harwood is rescued by Bet and reinstated as leader of the Raven Society, Peggy becomes a close advisor to Harwood, offering her criminal experience and advice to better his chances at achieving his goal. She works closely to conceal Harwood's return and offers him help regaining his ability to walk following a prosthetic leg and a new nose.

She is with Harwood when he meets with Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane to sign peace negotiations between the Society and No Name League, but the efforts are eventually foiled by Alfred Pennyworth. She furthers Harwood's agenda when she and Bet kidnap the Queen and hold her hostage as a blackmail. However their efforts are further foiled by Alfred and she is arrested for her involvement in Marianne Faithfull.

In The Burning Bridge, after Bet tries in vain to get a hold of Lord Harwood and fails to do so, she eventually tries to call her sister. However the operator tells her that London is under siege at the moment and thus the call cannot be put through at this time.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Peggy Sykes is described as one of Lancashire's most successful Dominatrixes and a sensible matriarch of a manic family. She is fiercely loyal, resourceful but has a strict, rigorous moral code.[1]

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