The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is a recurring character throughout the first season of Pennyworth. He works closely with the Queen to keep the Raven Society and No Name League in check.

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Deposing Lord Harwood[edit | edit source]

During the uprising of the Raven Society in Pilot, the Prime Minister discussed the place of the Society within 1960s London. He revealed that the UK government allows the Raven Society to exist so long as they do not make much noise. Given this, when Lord Harwood had Bet Sykes kidnap Esme Winikus, the Prime Minister and the Queen retaliated by arresting and torturing Lord Harwood for answers about the Society. This caused a revolution within the Society, leading to the election of Frances Gaunt.

Squashing a revolution[edit | edit source]

The Prime Minister is shocked when Lord Harwood resurfaces publicly following the torture at the hands of the government. When he takes back control of the Raven Society, the Queen confronts the Prime Minister on why Harwood is not dead, given she was under the impression that he was. With the threat of a revolution — and a coalition between the Raven Society and No Name League — the Prime Minister asks the Queen to approve the use of rubber bullets and water cannons against the protestors/rioters. However the Queen denies his request, fearing that she may come across as brutal and forceful. This angers the Prime Minister who believes both the Society and No Name League to be gaining support.

When his methods fail and Harwood increases his efforts to overthrow the government, including abducting the Queen, the Prime Minister attempts to fortify his control with the aid of cabinet and the military. Lord Harwood is quickly able to influence the military onto his side, leaving the Prime Minister alone and afraid. Despite the Queen making a force announcement for the Prime Minister to resign, he ignores this and Harwood's threats to depose the Queen with the Duke and Duchess of Windermere. Instead he declares that he will not be bullied into resigning, especially not by Harwood.

The Queen is later rescued by Alfred Pennyworth and returned to government, allowing the Prime Minister to continue in his role of running the country.

During a royal meeting Arthur Pennyworth activates a bomb in the name of the Raven Society. While the Queen is rescued by Alfred Pennyworth the Prime Minister is presumedly killed in the explosion.

In The Heavy Crown, it was eventually confirmed that the Prime Minister was indeed killed in the explosion.

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