Sid Onslow is the father of Sandra Onslow and the landlord of the Severed Arms, a local pub frequented by Alfred Pennyworth, Dave Boy and Bazza. He becomes a close friend to Alfred and his friends when Alfred removes Jason Ripper from his pub.

History[edit | edit source]

Nothing much is known about Sid's history, other than he had a problem with Jason Ripper — and more than likely his father, John — frequenting his pub and being rude to his daughter, Sandra.

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Problem with Jason[edit | edit source]

Sid makes his first appearance in The Landlord's Daughter when Alfred goes to drink at his pub. While Alfred is there, Jason Ripper enters questioning Sid's daughter, Sandra in a rude manner. Sid looks on, but is unwilling to say much given Jason and his father's reputation in London. Despite this, Dave Boy suggests that Alfred offer Pennyworth Security as Sid's answer, ridding Jason from the pub for good.

Alfred returns not long after while Jason is in the bar, ordering a drink with the same rude sentiment as Jason previously had. Jason confronts Alfred, who throws his drink over him and runs from the pub with Jason in chase. Alfred threatens Jason to leave Sandra and the pub alone, which he eventually does, much to Sid's delight.

The Severed Arms remains a pub that Alfred, Dave Boy and Bazza frequent often and Sid remains a close friend to the trio. He especially thanks Alfred for freeing Sandra from Jason's grasp.

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  • As a thank you for saving his pub from Jason Ripper, Sid does not make Alfred pay for his drinks.

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