The Belt and Welt is the third episode of the second season of Pennyworth and the thirteenth episode of the series overall. It aired on Epix on December 27, 2020.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Alfred, Bazza and Daveboy try to uncover who had the nerve to steal from them, while Crowley enacts his plan with unintended results.

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Raven Union uses mortar bombs on London, and they explode just outside Alfred's home. His mother helps the wounded, but he isn't too shaken by the event. Instead, he's more concerned about getting his money back from whoever took it. Alfred hallucinates his dead father's ghost, who advises him that someone close to him is most likely the one who took the money.

After this realization, Alfred is quick to suspect that his old SAS Captain, Gulliver Troy, is the one to blame. Soon, Alfred pays a visit to Troy's wife and finds the Captain's base of operations. The military man has a band of robbers, and he's getting ready for not one but two big jobs. Alfred confronts him about his money, but Troy assures him he had nothing to do with it. Once that is sorted, Troy offers Alfred a place on his crew to help him recover his money Pennyworth turns him down.

Outside on the streets of London, Alfred comes across Martha Kane, and he informs her that he recently saw Thomas Wayne at his nightclub having a talk with known Aleister Crowley. As it turns out, Crowley was employed by Wayne and the CIA to discredit the Prime Minister of the English League, Archbishop Potter. Crowley, as it turns out, manipulated the archbishop into taking part in one of his orgies, and a few pictures sent to the newspapers gets the CIA the result they want. As a result, the League starts the search for a new Prime Minister, while a disgraced Archbishop Potter hangs himself.

Upon hearing that Crowley was behind Potter's death, Martha puts two and two together, and she faces Thomas. She condemns him for the role he played in this twisted game of politics, slaps him in the face and storms off, leaving Thomas feeling horrible for what has transpired.

Elsewhere, Bet Sykes is still on the run with her new pet, Katie Browning, after she killed one of her superior officers. They eventually find refuge at the home of Katie's old art teacher, and they hole up there for a while. Bet continues to try to get in touch with Lord Harwood, and she finally gets a direct line to the leader of the Raven Union.

The two friends are back in touch, and Bet explains to Harwood what happened. Against the counsel of his closest advisors, Harwood accepts to help Bet out, one last time. Harwood actually cares for Bet, and he doesn't want to cut her out of his life. He instructs Colonel Salt to send a squad of men to find Bet and bring her back.

Later, the men arrive at the art teacher's house, but instead of bringing Bet back, they open fire. The teacher is killed in the crossfire, while Bet and Katie have no choice but to run away. While Salt was instructed to help Bet, he has instead decided to take her off the board and remove one of Harwood's weaknesses.

As Alfred continues to search for the person who stole his money, he eventually realizes the culprit is actually one of the patrons at his nightclub named Vic. Alfred reaches that conclusion after Dave Boy admits that one night when he was drunk, he bragged about the money he, Bazza and Alfred had earned to leave the city.

All three men track Vic down to a traveling circus thanks to his girlfriend, the nightclub's barmaid. Once there, Vic and his men open fire, and Alfred, Bazza and Dave Boy fight back. Alfred finds Vic and the two fight over the money -- and the altercation ends with Alfred using a piece of broken mirror to stab Vic in the throat.

A dying Vic is found by his girlfriend, and she attempts to drive away with the money. However, she ends up crashing the car into some nearby barrels. Unfortunately, Bazza is nearest to the crash, and the explosion fatally wounds him. On his deathbed, Bazza tragically asks his two friends to swear to him that they will lead quiet, happy lives where they become rich and married.

In the end, Alfred is left with no money since it went up in flames, and the guilt of his actions leading to the death of another one of his friends.

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  • It was part 1 of a 2 hour winter finale alongside The Hunted Fox.
    • It is the second to last episode of the 10 episode second season that aired in 2020.

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