The Hunted Fox is fourth episode of the second season of Pennyworth and the fourteenth episode of the series overall. It aired on Epix on December 27, 2020.

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Still haunted by tragedy, Alfred agrees to join Gully's team on an upcoming job. Meanwhile, pressure begins to take its toll on Harwood and directs him toward Project Stormcloud.

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Alfred is still reeling from the terrible loss of losing his friend Bazza. Soon after he died, a funeral is held for Bazza, and it's there that Alfred is reunited with his old SAS Captain, Gulliver Troy. But in this moment, all Alfred cares about is leaving London before the war between the English League and the Raven Union consumes the city. But to do that, he needs money and fast. Therefore, while he had initially turned down Troy's offer to work for him, Alfred changes his mind and agrees to join Troy's crew for whatever job they have coming next.

This job, as it so happens, is to steal gold from the mayor of London, which involves Troy and his crew attacking the mayor's carriage in the middle of the road. While the gold doesn't appear to be onboard, Alfred brutally beats the mayor until he tells them where it is hidden.

Back at his nightclub, Alfred, Dave Boy and Troy's crew celebrate their successful heist. However, Alfred has reservations about what he's done, and he and Dave Boy clash with the the others. Troy gets involved, but it's only when he hits his wife Melanie that Alfred defies his former Captain. Gulliver attempts to use his old military authority over him, but Alfred insists he's his own man now and he's done working with the abusive Captain.

Later, Mrs. Troy thanks Alfred for defending her from her husband, and the passion between the two of them leads to a kiss that Melanie eventually puts a stop to.

Elsewhere, Bet Sykes and her pet Katie finally arrive in North London. Now that they are in English League territory, they are safe from the Raven Union, and Katie insists that they can now go their separate ways. Bet is, of course, offended, and she storms off on her own, only for Katie to change her mind and stay at her side. Together, they search for Bet's sister Peggy Sykes, and they eventually find her.

Around that same time, Thomas Wayne pays a visit to Martha Kane, and he once again asks for her help. This time, however, it's not for some mission in the war. Instead, he wants her to help him with his sister, Patricia, who is currently in a relationship with a dubious fashion designer. Thomas wants Martha to help Patricia get away from him, and together they hatch a scheme to break the two up. Martha invites the fashion designer to his place, knowing full well he will attempt to seduce her, and Thomas brings Patricia over, so she can see how unfaithful her new fiancé is.

The plan is successful, and Martha and Thomas celebrate with a drink. Which eventually leads to the two ending up in bed together.

Alas, the war between the English League and the Raven Union heats up after the death of Archbishop Potter. Inspector Aziz is subsecuently elected as the new Prime Minister of the English League, and he is adamant the group keep fighting Lord Harwood and his army. As for Harwood, he continues to grow more erratic, and he's even fallen ill. It appears that his leadership is starting to be put in question, but the leader of the Raven Union is determined to win the war nonetheless.

While there were some reservations about Project Stormcloud, Colonel Salt now presents the lethal capabilities of his biological weapon, which Harwood hopes to use to kill his enemies without destroying London. The aforementioned project is given the green light. While it looks like the Raven Union is getting ready to finally win the war, Unbeknownst to them, there is a spy in their midst by the name of Lucius Fox who is gathering information that could help turn the tide and save everyone Harwood intends to harm.

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  • This was Part 2 of a 2 hour winter finale after The Belt and Welt.
    • It is the last episode of the 10 episode second season to air in 2020.

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