The Lion and Lamb is the tenth episode of the second season of Pennyworth and the twentieth episode of the series overall. It aired on Epix on April 11, 2021, and also served as the Season 2 finale.

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In the season two finale, Salt is hell bent on releasing Project Stormcloud upon London… Unless Alfred and his mates can stop it.

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Alfred and his friends finaly make it home. The English League celebrates this great victory, while Thomas and Martha Kane agree to get married and Alfred takes his father back to their house so he can be reunited with his wife, Mary. However, not all is as it seems. Salt isn't fazed by the loss of the weapon, and that is because this doesn't affect his plans in the slightest. In truth, the League only stole a decoy since Salt foresaw the possibility of the weapon being taken, which is why he had it already placed in London in a secret location.

Arthur, for his part, knew all about this, and the only reason he agreed to "help" his son was to be reunited with his family before the bomb killed everyone in London. Alfred is understandibly furious with this revelation, and he takes his anger out on his father. However, thanks to his wife and son, Arthur properly changes sides by revealing to Alfred the location of the bomb.

As it turns out, "Project Stormcloud" is actually hidden in the coffin containing Lord Harwood's body, which is still located at the church where Salt's televised eulogy took place. Alfred and Dave Boy rush over to the church, and there, they are pinned down by gunfire. With Salt threatening to detonate the bomb at any moment, time is of the essence, but thankfully, Alfred and Dave Boy get help from Gulliver Troy. While Troy had initially set out to kill Alfred once and for all, he changed his mind after learning about the threat of "Stormcloud" during a visit to the English League's headquarters.

Troy and Lucius Fox arrive on the scene to save Alfred and Dave Boy, but as Lucius attempts to deactivate the bomb, he realizes it's too late. At Raven Union headquarters, Salt activates the weapon when he is attacked by Bet Sykes and her sister Peggy.

In the church, Fox explains that they only have a few moments before the bomb explodes. Alfred volunteers to swallow the "Stormcloud" capsule, in the hopes of containing the blast, but Troy ends up making the sacrifice in his stead.

The blue compound of "Stormcloud" takes Troy over, claiming his life but containing the detonation. With the threat of the bomb is finally over, Salt is arrested by the Raven Union army for his crimes and Frances Gaunt takes his place as leader of the organization. But as Troy's body is taken away from the church and locked in the back of a van, the blue energy of "Stormcloud" shines through the windows as Alfred looks on in horror.

Six months later, the Raven Union is now known as the New Raven Alliance, and their war with the English League still rages on in London. On the frontlines, Bet Sykes leads her own platoon in the name of the English League, and while her soldiers are pinned down, reinforcements soon arrive in the form of Colonel Alfred Pennyworth, and he isn't alone.

With him, he has brought the League's very own super-soldier: Gulliver Troy. It turns out Troy was not killed after swallowing "Stormcloud." Instead, his body was transformed, and he now has special abilities that have turned him into a one-man army. Troy now also has a special armor that allows him to channel his "Stormcloud" abilities, and he unleashes them on the Raven soldiers.

Elsewhere in London, Martha, who is now married to Thomas, goes into labor inside her apartment. Thomas is there to help her go through the ordeal, while a nurse delivers a baby girl.

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  • On April 11,2021, while Season 3 is not yet confirmed, Heller said they did have stories that could get them to at leats five seasons. Especially when they take into account that they are setting up a potential Batman Origin story with their Pennyworth Series.[1]

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