The Queen of the United Kingdom is a recurring character throughout the first season of Pennyworth. She works closely with the Prime Minister to keep the Raven Society and No Name League in order during chaotic 1960s London.

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The Queen is not ignorant of the events unfolding in her country, and in Pilot, makes her first appearance after the arrest of Lord Harwood. She bestows a medal upon Alfred Pennyworth, thanking him for his work and duty towards his country. She asks for Pennyworth's silence about the Raven Society in return. Presumably, she is the one who orders Harwood be deposed as leader of the Raven Society.

When Julian Thwaite is killed, the Queen meets with the Prime Minister and Inspector Aziz in Shirley Bassey. She falsely believes that Frances Gaunt is responsible for Julian's death, admitting that she has done the country a great favour, as the No Name League will eventually topple following this.

The Queen is held hostage but saved by Alfred Pennyworth

Problems begin getting worse when Harwood regains his position as leader of the Raven Society in Sandie Shaw. She rebukes the Prime Minister as she believed that Harwood had been taken care of. The Prime Minister asks for approval to use water cannons and rubber bullets at the Raven Society rally, however the Queen denies him in fear of looking aggressive. This turns out to be a mistake, however as the Queen is later kidnapped by Bet and Peggy Sykes and held hostage as leverage against the government and the sisters force her to order the Prime Ministers resignation, with Harwood succeeding him.

Alfred saves the Queen yet again from his father.

The Queen is eventually rescued by Alfred Pennyworth and restores order to the government while having Gaunt, Bet, Peggy and Harwood arrested. She thanks Alfred for his service in Marianne Faithfull and ends up sleeping with him. The Queen is further a target of an attack by Arthur Pennyworth but is again saved by Alfred when he shoots and kills his father.

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