The Rose and Thorn is the sixth episode of the second season of Pennyworth and the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It aired on Epix on March 14, 2021.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While Alfred is enlisted to help extract Lucius Fox from Raven headquarters, Prime Minister Aziz sets in motion a plan that pits Aleister Crowley against John Ripper.

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Alfred finally has the amount of money required for him to travel to America, and he takes it directly to Thomas Wayne who, thanks to the CIA's help, will get him, his mother and Dave Boy on a plane to Gotham. Thomas is surprised that Alfred was able to get such a large amount of money on short notice, which is why he had a well-paying job all lined up for him. Only, Alfred isn't interested.

The job, however, is of pressing concern because Lucius Fox, a CIA agent acting undercover inside the Raven Union headquarters, has asked to be extracted as soon as possible. Which on paper, is a job perfect for Alfred and his particular set of skills. Although Alfred doesn't want the job, he ends up taking it anyway.

The English League's new Prime Minister Inspector Aziz calls Thomas Wayne, and the two exchange favors: Aziz wants Wayne to deliver a message to Aleister Crowley and, in return, Thomas asks the League to hire Alfred to extract Lucius Fox. Therefore, Aziz and the Queen of England herself visit Alfred at his nightclub, threatening to make his affair with Melanie Troy public. In order to protect her, Alfred reluctantly agrees to take the job.

Alfred, Dave Boy and Martha Kane set up the extraction at a small diner where the Union takes Fox for a meal. While Alfred hopes to avoid bloodshed, he and his team have no choice but to open fire. Thankfully, they are successful, and Lucius Fox is safely taken back to the CIA headquarters. There, he tells Thomas Wayne all about Project Stormcloud, which happens to be the Raven Union's chemical weapon. Fox took part in the weapon's testing, and he is determined to prevent it from ever being used.

As for Prime Minister Aziz, he decides that it's time for him to eliminate his opponent inside the English League, John Ripper. Aziz plays an intricate game using Thomas Wayne and an anonymous letter to start a war between Ripper and Aleister Crowley. The battle between the two ends with Ripper dosed with some sort of fear toxin, just as he meets with the Queen. Ripper is deemed unfit to remain on the English League's council, and Aziz stands victorious over his rival.

Meanwhile at the Raven Union headquarters, Colonel John Salt makes a powerplay in order to take control of the entire organization. While Lord Harwood has been in charge of the Union, he's been growing increasingly erratic. Thus, Salt uses Frances Gaunt's recent betrayal as an opportunity to rise in the Union's ranks. Salt manages to successfully manipulate Harwood into giving him a promotion, and he doesn't stop there. When a young soldier proves loyal to Gaunt, he further influences Harwood to make certain that he lashes out. When the soldier expresses his support of Gaunt, Harwood completely loses it and brutally beats him to death with his cane in front of his officers.

His military forces take him into custody, leaving the recently promoted Colonel Salt as the next in line to take control of the Raven Union.

Although Thomas and Martha's relationship has hit a rough patch, Martha learns that she is pregnant.

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