"In the unlikely event you survive me, please tell my parents that I faced death honourably"
Thomas to Alfred Pennyworth

Thomas Wayne is a celebrity billionaire and doctor. He hires Alfred Pennyworth and his security firm to protect him in 1960's London after discovering a criminal conspiracy relating to the Raven Society. Following the discovery, Wayne goes to work for the No Name League along with Martha Kane but is secretly gathering intelligence for the CIA.

History[edit | edit source]

Throughout Pennyworth Series[edit | edit source]

Meeting Alfred Pennyworth[edit | edit source]

Wayne meets Pennyworth in Pilot in a downtown London club in which Pennyworth is providing security for. There to collect his intoxicated sister, Wayne runs into trouble with several men in the club and is helped by Pennyworth, who subdues the men. Wayne thanks Pennyworth, handing him his business card, offering to pay any medical expenses as a result of the confrontation.

Complications arise in the friendship between the two, when Bet Sykes takes Esme Winikus, Pennyworth's love interest, hostage with Wayne being the ransom. Pennyworth is able to save Esme and Wayne simultaneously, which leads to Wayne offering Pennyworth a business proposition. Pennyworth declines, however, deciding to freelance.

Work with the No Name League and the CIA as it comingles[edit | edit source]

In Pilot Wayne arrived on the presence of business, as he might have uncovered a fraud. His name sipped out under torture to the Raven Society. Putting him on Sykes’s radar. Luckily he was not handed over by Bazza and Alfred nor Dave Boy in a fair exchange.

Next, Wayne worked as a liaison for Martha Kane, and leadership of the League. Doing paper working and approving spending for her, also trying to keep Pennyworth working with her.

CIA encourage his work, Wayne was stop by a fellow member who took him to Julian Thwaite and Undine Thwaite whom lead the No Name League. At their home with their kids and cat he sat down with them to a toast of Peace and Freedom. They told him a plan to have a sit down was in the works to talk peace. Plans to see Frances Gaunt dead. That Wayne was to arrange the details.

Going against several protocols to meet with his superior CIA station Chief Hightower. After telling everything, Wayne learns the CIA engineered the whole ordeal. Wayne went ahead and enlisted someone for the task, Dave Boy took the job.

Wayne was angry as the wrong target was hit. Trying to find out who the other fellow was that was there for his target was in a mask. Wayne reveals his anger towards Alfred, and reveals that he is aware of the link to John Ripper.

Believing the US government to be working with someone close to Undine to put her in power. CIA station Chief Hightower does not confirm nor deny, only admits that there will be more peace talks between the Raven Society and the No Name League. Wayne is given the ultimatum to ensure that Frances Gaunt takes the truce, or to kill her himself.

Wayne agrees for Undine Thwaite to represent the No Name League at a meeting with the Ravens. Trying to to voice objections, get asided to have Martha come along as well. The meeting is broken up prior to either party get their say. Both him and Martha were lucky to be alive.

Relationship with Martha[edit | edit source]

Thomas' relationship with Martha Kane develops extensively as they work together more through the No Name League. The two become more attached until Crowley reveals to Martha that Thomas is working for the CIA in Julie Christie. This puts a huge strain on the relationship between the two with Martha no longer believing that she can trust Thomas. Whilst Thomas denies working for the CIA, Martha eventually admits that she doesn't mind this fact and the two become close again. This closeness eventually leads to Thomas revealing his feelings for Martha in Marianne Faithfull and the two begin an intimate relationship before Thomas is shot for his involvement with the No Name League. While his time away after being shot, Thomas ended their relationship without breaking up with her, only mentioned it because he happened to be engaged. He saw how much that hurt Martha. Thomas still had feeling for her. Once available again Thomas' relationship is rekindled. She is pregnant by him.

Relationship with family[edit | edit source]

Thomas' family effects his life. From his mother whom calls to check on him. Wanting to check on his life choices, it seems towards love. When a girl was mentioned Tomas answers “Oh did she? Send her my regards.” When his mother asked something else he stated to her “Only my regards.” His father seems to be live there has been no personal mention of him.

Thomas' sister Patricia whom he has to look out for frequently. He does not approve of her lifestyle choices and if she gets into a mess, has to worry about the family name. Find a way to fix it without getting any lawyers involved. She does seem to have feeling for him, Patricia will refer to him as Little Tommy. He cannot give up on his sister. Even enlists Martha’s help on more then one occasion when needed.

During his time back in Gotham after being shot, he seemed to have gotten engaged to Betsy Van Wick. The engagement apparently didn't last long. Patricia calls her "that absurd Betsy person", as she announces for Thomas that the couple seems to have broken off on their engagement at a party, with Betsy being Thomas' ex-fiance.

Meeting Lucius Fox[edit | edit source]

Not met in person, first interaction was only by secret messages. The two were working together through the CIA when Tomas got his new promotion and returned to London. When a message arrived to get Lucius out, Thomas personally by any means necessary got Alfred Pennyworth for the job. Once meeting in person, Lucius appeared to get an understanding of Thomas through how Martha spoke to him. Thomas’ motives and behavior was hard to comprehend at first. Thomas was able to show the scientist Lucius Fox that he was thinking about things for more careful perspective and deniability is the key to how they should proceed.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Thomas Wayne is described as a 'clean-cut', polite and honorable man. He is an aristocratic billionaire who likes to impress.[1] He also went to medical school and a license doctor.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His cell phone number is 01-92963.[2]
  • His family owns an industrial company called Wayne Industries in Gotham City.
  • He also went to medical school and is a licensed doctor.

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References[edit | edit source]

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