Undine Thwaite was a recurring character during the first season of Pennyworth. After her husbands death, she assumed leadership of the No Name League with help from John Ripper.

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Assuming leadership of the No Name League[edit | edit source]

Undine's involvement with the No Name League prior to Frances Gaunt assuming leadership of the Raven Society is assumed to be little. However, gauging that her husbands organisation was loosing ground to the Society, Undine was present in the meeting between her husband and Thomas Wayne. In the meeting, Undine was privy to plans to assassinate Frances.

At dinner with her husband, she meets with Frances and her security. The trio talk peace between the two organisations, however the meeting is cut short by Dave Boy, who kills Frances' security before being shot by her. Alfred Pennyworth arrives not long after, killing Julian and saving Dave Boy. Following this, Undine is seen after spending the night with John Ripper, who explains that the No Name League will shortly be hers.

Revolution and Death[edit | edit source]

Undine's efforts to seize control within the government loosely aligned with those of John Ripper, however they were to some extent more extreme than her ex-husbands. While in control of the League, she increased efforts to gain power ahead of the Raven Society, to a point in which Bet, Peggy and even Harwood himself believed Undine to be a powerful advisory.

When the Prime Minister announced that all parties formerly banned from elections could stand in the upcoming general election, she took this as an opportunity and put herself forward as a candidate. Behind the scenes, she attempted to make an agreement with Harwood to form a pseudo-coalition against the Prime Minister in order to gains seats in parliament. This was eventually foiled by Alfred Pennyworth, and the Raven Society gained power a different way. She was later publicly hanged by the Raven Society, leaving the No Name League without a leader.

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